Services and Fees

A non-refundable consultation fee of $150 is due at the time of the in-home family consultation.

  • Full-time Live-in Nanny: $1600

A full-time live-in nanny works 30+ hours per week and lives with the family. A typical live-in nanny is provided with a separate living quarters or guest house and is not required to pay living expenses. This is an excellent option for families who are looking for consistent, full-time childcare who have the residential space for an additional person in their household. The nanny has a set schedule and has designated time off. A nanny is still paid a salary with the family on top of living arrangements.

  • Full-time Live-out Nanny: $1400

A full-time live-out nanny works 30+ hours per week but does not live with the family.  A live-out nanny is an excellent choice for working families who need full-time childcare but do not wish to have a nanny live at their home.  Full-time nannies have weekly schedules and are paid an hourly rate.

  • Part-time Nanny: $1000

A part-time nanny is a nanny who works less than 30 hours per week.  This is an excellent choice for families who have flexible work schedules and need regular and consistent childcare on a more limited basis. 

  • Nanny Share: $2000 (split between two families)

A nanny-share is one nanny who cares for children from more than one family at a time.  Nanny-share arrangements are excellent for families who have similar needs and are able to arrange transportation or live nearby one another.  A nanny-share can also be arranged for families who want to share a nanny 1-3 days per week and also wish to have the nanny work for their individual family 1-3 days per week.

  • Temporary or Summer Nanny: $600

A temporary nanny placement would be one in which the nanny works for the family for a predetermined amount of time (3 months or less). 

A summer nanny is contracted to work for the summer: June-August or the equivalent of 3 months.  This is ideal for families who have children in school but are looking for summer-only care. 

  • Babysitter: $400

Peas in a Pod offers babysitter placement services for families who are looking for an occasional babysitter for date nights or weekend days.  A babysitter would not have set weekly hours but would be someone who would work for a family on an as-needed/available basis.

  • Night Nanny: $800

We offer night-nanny placements which would be ideal for families who need care for their infant/small child(ren) during the evening hours (7pm-7am).  Families who are wishing for someone to feed an infant during the evening hours or families who have children who need night-care would be a perfect fit for a night nanny.