For Families

Peas in the Pod offers families an opportunity to make the best choice when choosing a nanny for their family. We guarantee that we will provide you with highly qualified nannies. Our nannies undergo an extensive screening process to ensure we are hiring the most qualified talent in the field. Our nannies are not just experienced, they must also have the right set of interpersonal skills and values to become part of our Peas in a Pod family. 

Our agency also provides you with screening and selection guidance, because you are an integral part of the hiring process. We will coach you in the art of behavioral interviewing, provide sample interview questions, help you determine a market competitive salary for your nanny, and support you on all other matters of employing a nanny including guidance for providing time off, and standards for sick pay and holiday pay. We can also provide tax information.

To begin the placement process, please fill out the “Family Application.” Then, we will contact you to obtain specific information about what your nanny position entails and what you are looking for in a nanny. As a part of that process, we conduct a personalized, in-home interview, where we continue to get to know you, your family, and your specific needs for a nanny. We will schedule and arrange all nanny interviews for you; you will receive a profile and prior employers’ references to help guide your interview process with nannies. We can also arrange trial interview days so that you receive the opportunity to “see your nanny in action” prior to extending a formal offer. Our process is streamlined and efficient but also personalized and tailored to meet the needs of each family.

We provide our nannies and families with resources that are educational, fun and safe. We work with our nannies to help them: 

  • promote literacy skills for children
  • work with children with special needs
  • provide developmentally appropriate and hands-on activities for young children 


 We also offer families and nannies guidance and coaching on the following topics:

  • Structure and routine in a family environment
  • Methods and strategies for working with special needs children
  • Using positive behavioral approaches and language to help children take responsibility for their actions